The Science of Beer Seminar

Date: Thursday October 19, 2023
Time: Registration 6-6:15pm; start 6:30pm
Location: The Social YGK, 1600 Bath Road, Kingston

The Social YGK, in partnership with SPB, presents a hands-on group seminar of sampling, analyzing and comparing beer!

What You Will You Learn:

The Beer Making Process: A breakdown of how beer is made which focuses on chemistry and how the main ingredients interact

From Doppelback to Saison: Simplifies the inherent complexity of the many different beer styles and teaches how to tell them apart

DNA and Flavour: A very interesting discussion on what genetics has to do with our personal internal experiences of flavour

Introducing The Flavour Web: Teaches individuals how to breakdown and analyze the flavour profile of specific beer styles like the pros do.

The Analysis: Put your skills to the test. A hands-on group activity of sampling, analyzing, and comparing each other's results to find out who the ultimate flavour profiler is!

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