Our Manifesto

Bred-in-the-bone craft beer

In a time where most craft brewers are falling all over themselves frantically brewing audacious beers using unconventional ingredients in an attempt to tap into the newest fad, we thought we'd casually take a step aside from the herd and focus on brewing time-tested, traditional beer styles that were once popular an now massively underrepresented in the North American craft beer market.

At Skeleton Park Brewery, we believe in perfecting the perfect. We know that over several millennia of brewing, the best beers have already been made so let's take those beers and make them even better.

We believe that real progress only happens when you start to measure it backwards. Take what's known and use it to push the envelope until true perfection has been reached.

It also means following time-honored methods of skilled masters, instead of irreverently trying to reinvent them with reckless abandonment.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to exhume and resurrect long lost recipes, and brew them with absolute precision using our modern techniques. Honoring in tried-and-true beer styles the way they have been for centuries.

Our approach to beer making is bred-in-the-bone, as they say.

This, is what we stand for.

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we like old...

And when it comes to the sale of beer, so does the Government of Ontario. You must be 19 years old to legally purchase alcohol in Ontario. Are you old enough to enter?


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