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Founded in Kingston, Canada, the origin of Skeleton Park Brewery began on the other side of the world: Taiwan. It was there trained chemist and SPB founder, Trevor Lehoux, was living, teaching and loving life in the sub-tropics. Following an unfortunate and fatal fire in a local bar, the mayor of the city in which he lived, ordered the immediate shutdown of every bar and pub in a fit of spite. So what did Trevor do? He began brewing of course.

Desperate times

Being a chemist and beer lover living in a foreign city gone dry sparked Trevor's resourcefulness and ingenuity. Together with some close friends, Trevor began brewing small batches of beer in secret. Somehow, the word got out, and what began as a very private enterprise between trusted associates, soon came under scrutiny of local authorities.

Brewers on the run

That was when the decision  was made to move the fledgling operation to Taipei in northern Taiwan, where the fully-operational brewery opened and newly developed recipes were put to the test. Motivated by their initial success, Trevor hatched a plan to return to Canada, where he conspired with his two brothers and partner, Becky, on a brewery of his own.

Ales from the crypt

A self-described beer purist, Trevor relocated to Kingston, Ontario, one of Canada's earliest settlements, where he quickly became infatuated with Kingston's rich and diverse brewing history. Obsessed with uncovering long-lost local beer recipes, Trevor combed through old archives, piecing together clues needed to resurrect long lost brews from Kingston's past.

The once lost

Fast forward to 2015 when—back on home soil—Trevor, with the help of his two brothers, continued to brew and perfect these long-lost recipes. Together, they had managed to raise the dead. So they raised a glass, and Skeleton Park Brewery was born.

Celebrating life

In 2019, Skeleton Park Brewery took over the microbrewery and retail space in Kingston that had been occupied by the short-lived King's Town Brewery. It's there that Skeleton Park Brewery has made its home, and where we brew fresh craft beer using local ingredients to serve to our taproom visitors, and to package for our growing base of fans across the province.

Today, our Heritage Series beers continue our homage to the extinct, local brews of Kingston's past. We respectfully brew them in the same tradition as they were over a century ago, but not so much to honour what's dead and gone, but to celebrate life and its rich and plentiful abundance.

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