Autumn Fyre Returns Mid-September

It's late August, and while most Canadians are busy squeezing the most from our waning summer season, our brewmaster is hard at work crafting our next seasonal release for the cooler months ahead.

A fall release for the fans

Many of our fans have fond memories of this Grätzer-style ale, and we've had many requests to bring this brew back. So, by popular demand, we're pleased to announce that our Autumn Fyre will be returning in mid-September 2020.

Once popular in Upper Canada, Grätzer-style ales like this vanished after prohibition. Oak-smoked wheat gives our Autumn Fyre its distinct fall flavour.

Oak-smoked wheat gives this Grätzer-style ale its distinct fall flavour. 

Growlers and squealers of Autumn Fyre will hit the shelves of our brewery retail store no later than the third week of September. By the end of October, Autumn Fyre should be available in 473ml cans (we stress "should" as COVID-19 has presented some challenges in obtaining cans). Subscribe to our Brewsletter for updates on availability.

Bringing an extinct local beer back to life.

Grätzer-style ales date back to the 15th century, when the Prussian Empire controlled parts of Europe. A version of the style became popular in Upper Canada when small breweries began roasting their malt over oak fires.

Prohibition put an end to craft beer production in Ontario, and Grätzer vanished, never to be brewed again in these parts... until we resuscitated the recipe for the enjoyment of modern beer lovers. Rejoice!

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