Try Our New Summer Lemon Shandy

When life hands you lemons...

Our newest release started as a happy accident. When a routine batch of beer failed to ferment properly (which can happen occasionally when the conditions aren't quite perfect) our brewmaster, Trevor, got to thinking. The result was nothing short of delicious: Our Summer Lemon Shandy (4.5%). 

What's a shandy, anyway?

Popular in the U.K. and Europe, a shandy isn't unlike a radler. Both mix citrus juice with beer, except a shandy is made with lemon juice instead of grapefruit. Citrusy and refreshing, they're typically lighter in alcohol, sweeter and easier to drink than standard beer. Shandies go by different names, like Lemon Top or Panaché en français.

Citrusy and refreshing, a shandy is lighter in alcohol and easier to drink than beer.

Hurry! Limited quantity available.

There's only one place you can try our Lemon Shandy, and that's in our Kingston taproom. Available on tap only, we've brewed just one batch, so once it's gone, it's gone.

Our taproom is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 12 to 7 pm. Find us here

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